Screen-Time OR Real-Time

Looking down at your smartphone in a waiting room negates having to interact with others. Escaping reality is becoming normalized in today’s day. In a coffee shop, if someone does not have a phone and instead is looking around at their surroundings – we wonder what in the world is wrong with them! When I […]

”I Feel Like”

“I feel like.” This phrase has become a trendy preface to almost any statement these days. “I feel like we should go to this place.” “I feel like I need to do this.” “I feel like this person should…” It is simply a way to start a thought, but this phrase really line’s up with […]

Giving is Countercultural

Our culture loves to take in – but not give out… When one starts with self, one will end with emptiness. When one starts with God, one will end with contentment. People are taught to gain a bunch of stuff and protect their stuff because they ascribe value to it. “It’s mine, so you can’t […]

Contentment Through Conflict

The Apostle Paul wrote that he had to learn how to be content in every situation. Sounds like a good idea but how do we implement this in our lives? We’ve all been, and we may be going through, the most intense and dire conflicts we’ve ever known. Contentment through conflict seems impossible, right? When […]

There Is Always Hope

My greatest moments of learning are usually post-failure. Past mistakes help me to see present repercussions – and future realities. Failures and mistakes are simply opportunities to learn, grow and thrive in life. Chances are – you will face similar situations where you once dropped the ball – But with those past experiences you can […]

Some Thoughts

A short encouragement is better than no encouragement. We are not called to withhold a word that can lift a countenance or transform a heart. Give unconditional encouragement. Don’t hold back encouragement because you think the recipient may become full of themselves. How one takes encouragement is between them and God. God’s called to judge, […]

Safely Home

Vacations are fun and can be incredibly relaxing. It is great to get away! 13 years ago my wife and I went to Kawaii for 8 days on our honeymoon. We took a tour on inner tubes floating down this canal overlooking God’s Creation, we snorkeled and saw some majorly bright fish, we ate some […]

Collision and Wisdom

I hit the car so hard I flew over the handlebars onto the top of the trunk. It hurt badly. And my friends Mom was angry with me. At this point in my childhood I barely knew how to ride a bike. Yet, here was this big challenging hill in front of my friends house. […]

Punk Rock & Trusting God

The racist stormed the stage and knocked out the lead singer. We were all shocked and stunned. Our band was set to play next. Were we going to get beat up as well? What choice did we have? We were booked to play this show no matter what. I had been in this punk rock […]

Joy & Jamba Juice

I was a manager at Jamba Juice in Venice beach when I met Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings). He came into the store with his agent to order a Strawberries Wild. I have never seen anyone so excited to order a smoothie. Elijah said enthusiastically with a huge smile on his face and wide […]