My Life

I’m a Christian. I’ve been walking with the Lord since 2002. I had a very sordid past. I went to juvenile hall for selling drugs at school. I went to a mental institution for doing too much acid and being suicidal. I went to jail for 4 months for embezzlement. In short I did not make great decisions. I was lost. I was empty. But I was searching.

Carl Westerlund direct0r of Calvary Chapel School of Ministry where i graduated. Mentor. Friend.

I had remembered my Dad taking me to a Calvary chapel when I was younger. I remembered not being judged based on how I looked or who I was. So on my search, I stumbled upon a Calvary chapel in LA. I immediately felt the love of God in and among the people. I never left. God had plans for me there. I became a Pastor and I am privileged to be a full time pastor for the last 9 years. God’s grace is huge! My family and I moved from Los Angeles to Mobile Alabama to plant a church.We’ve been here almost a year and God is doing great things! For updates on the church plant check out our blog: Thesternadpilgrimage.


I am married. I met my wife in 2004 at church. I went on a one day mission trip to Mexico with Cclax and Brianne was there. She said something about my hair which I thought was insulting so I was rude to her. It turns out she was trying to be nice, I just took it wrong. So I spent the day trying to say I’m sorry to her. I knew then she was something special.


We were married in 2006 and now have two little girls Hannah and Lily. Brianne is the women’s worship leader at our church, she is an awesome wife and an amazing mother. I fell in love with her heart and every part of her. I thank the Lord for blessing me with the perfect companion to do life with. She’s my best friend.


I am a father. Our two daughters bring us so much joy. They keep us on our toes, but they also grow us in a lot of ways. These girls love singing worship songs, dressing up in princess outfits, going to Disneyland and being incredibly goofy. We are so blessed!




I am a Pastor. I’ve been serving at the church since 2004, working part time since 2007 and have been a full time Pastor since 2008. Pastor means minister which means servant. I love what I do and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.


I get to encourage people, pray for people, counsel people, teach the Bible to people. I love where God has me. It’s my passion. God called my family and I to Mobile Alabama last June, we planted Calvary Chapel Mobile on September 3rd, 2017 and God is working greatly in this city! For updates check out our blog: Thesternadpilgrimage. I hope you are encouraged as you read my blog. All glory to God!