Walking in Rain

God has called each one of His kids to step out in faith from season to season.

Oftentimes life seems like we navigate through one storm to the next! ⛈ Now storms are amazing when you are inside your house on the couch under a blanket with hot chocolate and a good book. But the reality is, in life, storms and trials leave us vulnerable and exposed to the elements of the world. Storms are tough and seem never ending.

Yet even in the midst of storms God is with us and leading us. Our faith doesn’t become dormant because rain starts to fall. ☔️ Our faith should actually be more than active when storm clouds start to form.

The realty is – Storms don’t define us but they refine us. They often wash off the crud of the world that has been building up in our heart. They clear out path and cause us to trust God that much more. Step out in faith and keep forging ahead even though the ground may be muddy and the journey slower than you’d like.

Don’t let storms stop you!

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