Peace, Sleep & Safety

Psalm 4:8 David writes, “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.”

It’s super early in the morning and my wife and daughters are asleep peacefully. There is nothing but silence in our home except I can faintly hear cars of early morning commuters outside on the road. I’m thinking about how the month of January has been filled up with so many tasks and trips and things that have to get done. Yet, I am thankful because the Lord keeps my heart settled through every single situation that comes up.

David was able to lie down and sleep in peace even though he had an abundant amount of people out to get him. Most individuals would live in paranoia and anxiety because of this fact! Not David. He was at peace and rest, not because he didn’t care, but because he knew God cared.

David slept well and was at rest because he didn’t attempt to find his rest from this world – He rested upon the truth that the Lord was with him, protected him and kept his heart calm. David didn’t feed his flesh by allowing wavering feelings to direct him or letting emotions control his actions. He was after God’s heart and God settled David’s heart.

I believe (And of course it’s Biblical) that this is the way the Lord wants you and I to live – At peace and rest. You don’t have to let stress get the best of you – for the Lord is with you and speaks encouragement towards you. He can easily quiet your mind and fill your soul. You have the freedom to reject those discouraging thoughts because they are NOT of the Lord!

Yes, run your race but remember to find rest in the Lord. He keeps you safe and He is the source of peace as you live your life. Do not let anxiety or stress take over for they will not have room in your life when your life is consumed by the things of God! Instead, let the truth’s from God consume you and the result will be ease of mind, a settled heart and heavenly peace through it all – To which you can say, “Thank you God!”

God knows what you’re facing.

God sees what you’re going through.

God wants you to have peace and rest.

God will never leave you nor forsake you.

God loves you abundantly.

God is with you through it all.

God will give you a settled heart.

Let Him in!


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