Thoughts on Dependence

Failure is not final. Failure is an opportunity for a deeper dependence upon the Lord.

There’s an element of intensity to storms but it’s that intensity that should drive us to dependence upon God.

Cling to God 1st – consistently.

Lean into the Lord with all of who you are.

Depending on others for what only God can fulfill is setting yourself up for major let downs and major disappointment.

Depend on God’s Word rather than human opinion.

Conspiracies come from the enemy, comfort comes from the Lord. Lean into Him and the result will be dissipating anxiety.

Be independent of this world and dependent upon eternal matters.

The unseen is the backbone of what you can see. Focus on things above so as to be aware and independent of things on the earth. You’re not of this world.

Depend fully on God and watch your path light up and the road of God’s will become clear.

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