The Effects of the Unseen

Traveling yesterday reminded me of the many unseen germs that are everywhere!

A study showed that the tray tables on airplanes have more germs on them than a toilet! You can’t see germs, but they are there – ready to attack you and give you a multitude horrible sicknesses.

Yes I have Clorox wipes and yes I wiped down my tray table like a neurotic germaphobe. But it’s okay, on my first flight the lady sitting next to me did the same thing.

The kind older gentleman next to me on my second flight reading his Tom Clancy book, has been coughing periodically and so I nonchalantly turn my head when he does so.

The sniffles are going around through the plane and I’m trying to ‘be wise and sanitize’ (sounds like an advertising slogan) and I’m praying I don’t get sick! I’m officiating a wedding and I don’t want a cough or sore throat while I’m speaking…

I would love NOT to get sick by this unseen filth.

Similarly, there is a whole unseen realm that affects our lives and I believe we must be aware of this fact! The enemy wants to take us down and have us give into sin – which he makes look appealing and fun…Until you partake and realize – you just stepped into the dark.

Remember, God is stronger and He is able to fight for you on a daily basis!

Take precautions and make sure you are actively seeking God and leaning upon Him for the strength to resist every single temptation that comes your way.

Be intentional.

Be in God’s Word.

Be in Prayer.

Be around other believers.

The filth that is sin is unseen and threatens to make you sick, confused and guilty.

With God’s strength though, you can resist every unseen enemy and find clarity that God’s ways – are ALWAYS the right ways!

John 20:29 – “Jesus said to him, Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”’

God is defending you and fighting for you even when you don’t acknowledge it or see it.

Have faith that God is looking out for you!

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