In the Air Individualist

I’m on a small plane flying from Mobile, Alabama to Dallas, Texas. It is quiet except for the air blowing from the vents above each passenger.

Some are reading their books, some are gazing into their tablets or smartphones and others are asleep or resting their eyes in the little space that they’ve overpaid for.

It has me thinking about this observation: We are SO incredibly individualistic these days!

We are in our own little world’s trying to keep to ourselves, attempting to not bother anyone and not wanting to be bothered by any other human being.

This fact is really bothering me right now.

God did not create the human race to separate from all other humans in an attempt to create our own space and hang a ‘do not disturb’ sign around ourselves!

We were and are created by God and for God to – LIVE IN COMMUNITY.

I can only speak from experience and observation in the United States but – We’ve lost the value of community by being such loners. We pride ourselves on it. Gloat in it and act like it’s a strength.

We don’t need anybody anymore and it is bringing harm by causing major anxiety and stress.

Living in community as God intended us to results in:








…This list can go on and on.

The Bible makes it clear that we are NOT to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, not because we have to go to church – or God will be mad, but because God created us to live together and seek Him as a family.

Psalm 133 tells us that it’s both GOOD and PLEASANT to dwell together in unity!

Let’s get back to the place of true community and cohesiveness – having our commonality be Christ!

Let’s gather together often and sharpen one another spiritually. Let’s realize that we will burn out alone, but we will stay passionately on-fire together!

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