2020 – Run & Rest

My family slept through the New Year – and it felt good!

My prayer for 2020 is that we would have rest through every situation that arises. I want to have a settled heart through the most intense situations and a peace within when everything seems chaotic without.

That in the midst of the storm our level of trust in God would be so deep that we could sleep well and be totally void of anxiety.

That when we walk through dark valleys we don’t even see the dark because the light within is alive and constantly illuminating our path.

My prayer is that 2020 would be characterized by both reaching out to the lost and having rest in the Lord.

Life is much too short to let tensions tear us down and deem us inactive in eternal things.

I am going to run my race and rest in the Lord.

I am going to work hard for God and dig into His Word.

Run and Rest.

Rely on God and know that there will be no trial too intense that God will take off and make you deal with on your own.

He doesn’t run away because of the heated fires that you face. He is still right there even when the fiery trials seem to blaze around you.

The fires that you face are never meant to torture or scorch you – they are meant to burn off those ropes that are binding you and stopping you from doing kingdom work.

If a divine earthquake can free the captives then an unexpected fire can burn a trail where it seems like there’s a dead end.

All this to say that you can even rest through the rough times because the Lord truly is with you.

He was with you in 2019 and He is with you in 2020. Feeling far from God doesn’t happen because He has taken a vacation or moved out of your heart. Feeling far from God happens when you lack intentionality and begin drifting away from Him.

It is never too late to draw near to God.

There’s never a bad time to pursue Him and seek Him.

Run your race and rest in the Lord.

Run and rest and know that God is right there with you – every single step of the way!

Here’s to 2020!

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