How to View 2019

You’re not meant to neurotically reflect upon a passing year so much that it leaves you stressed and weary.

In 2019 you had ups and you had downs. There were great times and there were difficult moments. Both the unexpected and inconvenient happened. You smiled and you wept. You laughed and you felt loss.

You have to remember that if you become stuck in what has already occurred then you will be constantly drained of hope for the future.

There IS hope for the future and that’s realized when you let go of the past and have a moment where you truly allow what has happened to be a finished chapter in the book that is your life.

God has the whole story written – from start to finish. We simply live chapter by chapter.

The key to continual joy is in the form of faith.

In every good book there are great moments of victory usually following intense moments of struggle. There are plot twists and surprises that leave you at the edge of your seat. A good book isn’t all smooth and perfect where circumstances are always wonderful and conflict free.

Life isn’t meant to be free of storms and perpetually sunny. The trials that you faced in 2019 will make you stronger for the trials you will face in 2020. There is never going to be a year where everything goes perfectly – but this shouldn’t surprise you because we live in an imperfect world!

So even if you are seeing a new year as a new season to enter into – know that God is giving you resolve and fresh wisdom for 2020.

This new chapter may not be 100% smooth but God has prepared you to for every unexpected and inconvenient moment that you will face.

Take heart, forge ahead and know that God is still writing the story that is your life…

There is always hope.

Let the past lie dormant and actively walk into this new season with confidence in the One who has made you strong and courageous.

2019 is about to be over but remember – God is just getting started.

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