Learning, Growing, Thriving

I’ll never forget teaching my oldest girl Hannah how to ride a bike. She was so determined and driven to get those training wheels off!

So I helped and guided her to ride her bike without me. I’d say things like, “Keep your weight in the middle Hannah! Don’t lean to the right or to the left! You got this!”

The more Hannah practiced, the more balance she had on her bike. Until she began riding it without my help! I was so proud that she never gave up and kept on learning and growing. The smile that resulted from Hannah riding her own bike without my help was priceless!

God does this. He guides us, helps us and encourages us to learn, grow and stay balanced in our walk with Him. As we spiritual grow and thrive we smile because the Lord has given us the strength to conquer obstacles and He gives us wisdom to live this life.

The difference is – The Lord doesn’t teach us what to do and then cut’s us loose to go off on our own. The beautiful truth is that God stays with us always. Yes, we spiritual grow, but He is with us for life, continually teaching us lessons that will further our faith and help us to see clearly in this blurry world.

Sure there are obstacles and trials but there is also victory and breakthrough’s. Focusing in on the Lord will not eradicate trials but it will help us to have a godly attitude through the trials. Practical Christian living has to do with our actions, reactions and words.

What we say matters. The actions we take matter.

God is with you through it all. As you look to Him He will give you everything you need to grow and flourish in the faith.

Trust Him. Continue to seek Him. Lean upon Him. Depend on Him. Surrender.  

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