Cared For and Loved

“As God’s child, there’s never a moment when you’re not under God’s care, never a time when you’re not the object of His love.”  – Paul Tripp

Knowing that God is looking out for me brings me perpetual assurance. The more I seek God, read His Word and fellowship with His people, the more I realize His unconditional love for me.

Growing up as an unbeliever caused me to seek love from so many different sources. What was astonishing was that nothing satisfied and nothing fulfilled! I tried almost all of it and nothing worked…Until I began walking with the Lord. 

I didn’t realize that love was absent from my heart until I began learning about God’s heart. He is NOT that wrathful God who is waiting to take out anyone who messes up and misses the mark. I miss the mark. You miss the mark…While we were sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).

He is a God who doesn’t just GIVE love, He IS love!

When my daughters were born I learned the dynamic of a Father’s love for his child. It was powerful! After both my daughters were born I held them, rocked them and hummed worship songs to them because it calmed them down, and soothed them when they were crying.

Similarly, God is holding you, protecting you and constantly reassuring you that He does love you. It makes no difference what you did last week, He still loves you – please don’t doubt that! 

You are cared for by the Lord even when you don’t recognize or realize it. He is providing for you, leading you and protecting you as you live for Him.

God cares for you every single day. Let that truth bless you today!  


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