How to View 2019

You’re not meant to neurotically reflect upon a passing year so much that it leaves you stressed and weary. In 2019 you had ups and you had downs. There were great times and there were difficult moments. Both the unexpected and inconvenient happened. You smiled and you wept. You laughed and you felt loss. You […]

Learning, Growing, Thriving

I’ll never forget teaching my oldest girl Hannah how to ride a bike. She was so determined and driven to get those training wheels off! So I helped and guided her to ride her bike without me. I’d say things like, “Keep your weight in the middle Hannah! Don’t lean to the right or to […]

Cared For and Loved

“As God’s child, there’s never a moment when you’re not under God’s care, never a time when you’re not the object of His love.”  – Paul Tripp Knowing that God is looking out for me brings me perpetual assurance. The more I seek God, read His Word and fellowship with His people, the more I […]

A Lasting Joy

It’s such a build up to Christmas isn’t it? Then all of a sudden – it’s over. It happens so fast and the feelings of excitement wane and we go back to the real world – minus the nostalgia. December 25th is all smiles, food, gifts and fun. December 26th is exhaustion, clean-up and getting […]

Be All There

Next two days with my family? Yes please. Yeah the saying is corny but it’s really not about the quantity of time spent together it’s about the quality of the time spent together! Being present with the ones you love is when love is most powerful. Yeah if you want this to happen then put […]

Seasonal Encouragement

I love this season! Seriously. There is so much to be thankful for and the joy that I have overflows because it is a deep joy – based on God’s genuine love. As I reflect upon the greatest gift given to humanity – which was not a present but a Person – Jesus – I […]