A Few Reminders

Everyday morning you wake up is a blessing and every night you lie down is a gift from God.

When you’re actively seeking God you’ll clearly see He is active in your life.

Don’t let the past hold you back, don’t let the future distract you – Live in the present.

When it comes to the faith – it is not blind faith, it’s faith founded on Fact.

God is worthy and He sees you as His beautiful workmanship.

Don’t forget to praise The Lord – for He is always good!

Love isn’t conjured up, but it flows down from above.

Saying ‘I was wrong’ is a sign of a healthy spiritual life.

Acting perfect will build up your pride and lead to a hard fall.

God can use the humble, God will sideline the haughty.

Repentance will only happen when a genuine sorrow over sin emerges.

Be so filled with Christ that even the thought of criticism is crowded out.

God’s heart work on you – is not done.

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