Tolerance & True Love

Without the clarity of truth, sappy ambiguity will reign. The feel good, do what trends say is right is usually misaligned from absolute truth. But hey, it feels right , so let’s go with it.

Yes, there’s such thing as absolute truth – and it is amazing.

I’m not a fan of tolerance because often tolerance is an excuse to accept those things that are hurtful, destructive and without wisdom.

I’m a fan of true love though.

True love comes from, and IS God, and it can sometimes be corrective and that’s a good thing. Truth love lays out those hard facts that people refuse to hear because they are so stuck in their sin they feel compelled to justify it all day long.

Yet, they are hurting, lost and desire to remain in their current state.

The truth is clear and corrects – which leads to relief, wisdom and a heart that is aligned with God’s ways God’s and will.

Tolerance is an excuse to twist truth and to that I say “No thank you.” Love is from God, and Truth is enough.

Love people enough to share the truth in love. Love and truth are both imperative to seeing souls saved and hearts delivered.

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