In Awe & In Trouble

The Men’s Retreat had been powerful! Some pastor friends and I were on such a spiritual high, talking about how good God is and how in awe we were!

I was driving us down the mountain eager to get home! My ‘Pro-Active LA driving style was in full gear as I was weaving in and out of cars – driving too fast!

Then I saw the lights in my review mirror. Highway Patrol lights. I was in trouble…

We were pulled over and the cop asked why I was in such a rush.

I replied, “We were at a Men’s Retreat and I just wanted to get home quickly, I’m sorry sir.”

He gave me the ticket as I hung my head in shame and we continued on our way…

I went from a spiritual high to shame over a speeding ticket…

Biblically, the law shows us that we are imperfect. We mess up. We fail. We miss the mark. We’re sinners. But it doesn’t end there!

The Law shows us our imperfections and then shifts our eyes to the Perfect One. The law teaches us that we are in desperate need because apart from God – we won’t make it.

He is the goodness that needs to get inside our hearts and transform our lives.

We will never be perfect while on this earth, but God has always been perfect.

Christ died and rose so our old lives would die and we’d have new life in Him – free and forgiven!

The debt has been paid for the imperfections we have.

The law brings to the surface – our true hearts, then God’s love fills and covers our hearts.

The law is the starting point, Love is the end result.

The law brings clarity and conviction, Love brings salvation and comfort.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 6:23

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