There Is Always Hope

My greatest moments of learning are usually post-failure.

Past mistakes help me to see present repercussions – and future realities.

Failures and mistakes are simply opportunities to learn, grow and thrive in life. Chances are – you will face similar situations where you once dropped the ball – But with those past experiences you can wisely make present decisions…

In other words – everything we GO through – we can GROW through.

Abraham failed over and over again and because of his mistakes God’s promise for him took longer to fulfill.

Abraham didn’t walk away from God because of his mistakes, and God did not revoke the promise that He gave to Abraham.

Don’t ever give up on life, give in to God’s plan and watch surface level dreams dissipate and God’s purposes for you – rise to the surface.

There is always hope. Use your past mistakes as a reminder to press on. Remain teachable. Learn. Grow.

God has not given up on you.

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” – 2 Chronicles 15:7

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