Some Thoughts

A short encouragement is better than no encouragement.

We are not called to withhold a word that can lift a countenance or transform a heart.

Give unconditional encouragement.

Don’t hold back encouragement because you think the recipient may become full of themselves. How one takes encouragement is between them and God.

God’s called to judge, we’re called to love.

Look for the lonely people.

Go after the outcasts.

Let the helpless know there is help and the hopeless know there is hope.

The world constantly reaches in, we are called to continually reach out.

Life is not about self, life is about being selfless and seeing others the way God sees them.

Truth and love are not effective standing alone. Truth and love – when joined together – are capable of the most radical eternal impact this world has ever seen.

Look up to the Lord, and look out with love.

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