Punk Rock & Trusting God

The racist stormed the stage and knocked out the lead singer. We were all shocked and stunned. Our band was set to play next. Were we going to get beat up as well? What choice did we have? We were booked to play this show no matter what.

I had been in this punk rock band in Hollywood for about a year. We played shows wherever we could book them. This show inland was at a club that we weren’t familiar with. When we arrived to the club we realized there were a large group of white supremacists that basically ran the club.

The band who opened for us got on stage and began to play their first song. They were all Hispanic. Before the first song ended that’s when these guys charged the stage and beat up the whole band. My band members were all Hispanic too and I didn’t know if we’d be taken out as well!

We got on stage and played our whole set. They liked the music and moshed like crazy. We were safe, thank God.

Oftentimes in life we do not know what will happen next. There are moments where we think we know – only to realize we have no clue. The blessing of following the Lord is that He makes our path’s straight and our purpose illuminated.

Trusting the Lord isn’t about just letting things happen. Trusting the Lord is being actively intentional in surrendering ourselves to Him. Trusting the Lord isn’t enacting blind faith, it’s about being active in walking by faith.

The road of God’s will isn’t easy, but it’s completely worth it. There will be pain, trials and unpredictable moments – But there will also be adventures that are deeper than our surface level dreams.

I was in a band to try and ‘Make it.’ The result was emptiness. When I began searching for truth, and walking with the Lord the result was a deep purpose and a fulfilled soul.

Following Jesus is the opposite of boring. This is the greatest adventure I’ve ever been on. And He’s just getting started. Trust Him.

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