True Drive

I’ll never forget being at that stoplight on the West Coast. The cabdriver in front of me was making some kind of rapid motion in his cab. I soon realized that the cabdriver was vigorously lifting a 20 pound weight as he was waiting for the light to turn green! I laughed out loud – initially…But then I had sort of an instant respect for this guy.

He probably worked long hours with little to no time to get to the gym! I respected this guy because he was using his time wisely and he wasn’t neglecting his health. After all he probably worked most of the day sitting down. Honestly I was impressed.

Since this moment years ago, I’ve used this example in Sermons as a parallel to our spiritual lives. Without discipline there will be no determination when it comes to our spiritual lives thriving. A person does not automatically grow spiritually. It takes time, effort and being intentional with your time and the actions you take within that time. We can all agree that time is such a commodity. It always feels like we are trying to beat the clock – And still we end up late.

The encouragement is this: Redeem the time that you have (Ephesians 5:16), because time is so short. Live for what matters. Revival doesn’t start with a whole church it starts with one person whose heart has been ignited to live fully for the Lord. Have a spiritual sense of urgency. Be that one person who is empty of inhibitions and full of the Holy Spirit. Seek to grow, thrive and flourish in the faith! Be like the cab driver lifting weights at the stoplight.

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