Collision and Wisdom

I hit the car so hard I flew over the handlebars onto the top of the trunk. It hurt badly. And my friends Mom was angry with me. At this point in my childhood I barely knew how to ride a bike. Yet, here was this big challenging hill in front of my friends house. […]

Punk Rock & Trusting God

The racist stormed the stage and knocked out the lead singer. We were all shocked and stunned. Our band was set to play next. Were we going to get beat up as well? What choice did we have? We were booked to play this show no matter what. I had been in this punk rock […]

Joy & Jamba Juice

I was a manager at Jamba Juice in Venice beach when I met Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings). He came into the store with his agent to order a Strawberries Wild. I have never seen anyone so excited to order a smoothie. Elijah said enthusiastically with a huge smile on his face and wide […]

Open Hands or Clenched Fists.

We were new to Mobile when the turtle was crossing the road. Seriously. We were almost home when low and behold there was a big turtle walking slowly across Johnson Road! I was driving. I slowed down. My wife got out of the car, picked up the turtle and walked up to our car holding […]

True Drive

I’ll never forget being at that stoplight on the West Coast. The cabdriver in front of me was making some kind of rapid motion in his cab. I soon realized that the cabdriver was vigorously lifting a 20 pound weight as he was waiting for the light to turn green! I laughed out loud – […]