The Curling Cabdriver

Years ago I was on my way to church in LA. I was at a stoplight behind a cabdriver. I saw a lot of motion in the cab and wondered what the driver was doing. I looked closer and realized his left hand was on the steering wheel and with his right arm he was vigorously lifting a 30 pound weight, doing curls! At a stoplight in the drivers seat!
At first I laughed, but then I quickly respected this cab driver. He probably works from morning until night driving his cab in order to make ends meet. Maybe he has limited time so he uses 30 second stoplights to lift weights.
It got me thinking about excuses and time. We know time is short. We need to use our time wisely and not let excuses execute God’s plans for us.
Pray that God would give you wisdom to truly use your time wisely!
“So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.”                           – Psalm 90:12

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