Snowboarding & Suffocating

I should have scouted out what was on the other side of the jump before I flew off of it. I was stuck up to my neck in snow. The air had been knocked out of me. I felt like I was suffocating. I needed help badly. My friend saw me next to the tree […]

The Chasing Snake & Forward Motion

I was running up the hill as fast as I could sure that the rattle snake was about to sink it’s fangs into my ankle. My life flashed before my eyes. If this snake had a mission it was to take me down! Being a kid, I was frightened at the possible outcome of this […]

Car Washing, Crying & Comfort

The blood was gushing down my knee onto the carpet. I knocked frantically on the bathroom door to get my Dad. It seemed like he was taking forever to answer. The blood was flowing fast, and being a young kid, I was crying convulsively. This looked bad. Really bad. They may have to amputate. Rewind […]

Fighting & Finding Peace

I’ve never been in a fight my entire life except that one time my friend punched me in the face. In middle school, my friends and I were playing basketball during recess. There was an altercation between one of my best friends and I. The situation led to my friend walking up to me and […]

The Teacher’s Tender Heart

Mrs. Lee is one of the ONLY teachers I remember from Elementary School. Mrs. Lee was a small lady with huge black hair who was always smiling. The reason I remember this teacher so vividly after all these years is because she cared. As a teacher, she had a tender-heart towards her students. Mrs. Lee […]

A present & God’s promises

One of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received from my parents (besides a puppy) was a BB gun. In middle school I had just watched and fell in love with the movie ‘A Christmas Story.’ So naturally all I wanted for Christmas was a BB gun. I could care less about any other presents. […]

The Curling Cabdriver

Years ago I was on my way to church in LA. I was at a stoplight behind a cabdriver. I saw a lot of motion in the cab and wondered what the driver was doing. I looked closer and realized his left hand was on the steering wheel and with his right arm he was […]

Stay in your lane

In middle school I was in track. I was running a race and I was in the lead and then I proceeded to cut everyone else off. I won. Then the announcer said, “runners, please stay in your own lane!” As believers we need to stay in our lane and run our God-given race. It’s […]