Welcome the Unexpected

Matthew 14:29“So He said, ‘Come.’ And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on water to go to Jesus.”

When Peter woke up in the morning he probably didn’t think, ‘Today I’m going to do some errands and then I’m going to walk on water.’ We can make plans for the next 6 months, but we never truly know what will happen each and every day. When God is fully leading your life, there are some unexpected events that you’ll face. Although unexpected events may catch you by surprise, God not only expected them, He ordained them.

You may have plans, but God may want to alter your plans. I just imagine Peter so excited and wide eyed as He looked to Jesus, as his feet were above the deep waters. This storm posed a major problem and struck fear into the Disciples, yet in the midst of this chaos, Peter was standing, in awe, experiencing a miracle.

When you expect God to do the miraculous, and when you are flexible with your life, God will work mightily through you. When we are obedient, we begin to see the unexpected as God’s will. We begin to welcome the unexpected and we’ll go from worry to worship. We’ll go from fear to faith. We’ll go from frustration to expectation. We’ll be so open to God changing our plans that, we’ll truly welcome the unexpected.

God doesn’t change our plans to mess with our schedule, God changes our plans so we’ll follow His plans, and therefore live in His purposes for us.

Welcome the Unexpected.




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