Pride = Downfall

I’ve met so many people throughout the years who just were too haughty to share their heart. They struggled and wanted to do every little task for God, yet their family was falling apart and breaking at the seams. Pride is a sin and a sickness that will lead to destruction and a downfall that […]

Prayer Results

Prayer is undervalued and over neglected. What is amazing is that we actually verbally connect with the Lord as we seek Him in prayer! Obvious right? But I think we sometimes forget the powerful effects and results of prayer. Prayer aligns our hearts with God. Prayer keeps us in the center of God’s mission for […]

Walking in Rain

God has called each one of His kids to step out in faith from season to season. Oftentimes life seems like we navigate through one storm to the next! ⛈ Now storms are amazing when you are inside your house on the couch under a blanket with hot chocolate and a good book. But the […]

Will 2021 Be Better?

Will 2021 be better? My first thought is, “I pray it is!” But what if it gets worse? 2020, as we all know, was 100% insane and unpredictable. But so is everyday right? We can plan constantly but not everyday is consistent. One thing we can all relate to is that this year has been […]

We will get through

I know it’s difficult. It can be frustrating and stressful. It can be overwhelming and worrisome. We are all going through some major changes in our world right now and we must continue to do one thing through it all – seek the Lord! Never stop seeking God and keep your eyes fixed on the […]

Feeling Alive

I feel most alive when I’m doing what God has called me to do. Not that I feel dead when I’m not teaching the bible or ministering to people, but I do feel invigorated and excited every time I get to share. That’s one way I KNOW that I am doing exactly what God has […]

Peace, Sleep & Safety

Psalm 4:8 David writes, “I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.” It’s super early in the morning and my wife and daughters are asleep peacefully. There is nothing but silence in our home except I can faintly hear cars of early morning commuters […]

Thoughts on Dependence

Failure is not final. Failure is an opportunity for a deeper dependence upon the Lord. There’s an element of intensity to storms but it’s that intensity that should drive us to dependence upon God. Cling to God 1st – consistently. Lean into the Lord with all of who you are. Depending on others for what […]

The Effects of the Unseen

Traveling yesterday reminded me of the many unseen germs that are everywhere! A study showed that the tray tables on airplanes have more germs on them than a toilet! You can’t see germs, but they are there – ready to attack you and give you a multitude horrible sicknesses. Yes I have Clorox wipes and […]

In the Air Individualist

I’m on a small plane flying from Mobile, Alabama to Dallas, Texas. It is quiet except for the air blowing from the vents above each passenger. Some are reading their books, some are gazing into their tablets or smartphones and others are asleep or resting their eyes in the little space that they’ve overpaid for. […]